Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A video clip showing about 100 women in Qipao dresses walking on the beach at Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island has gone viral and drawn criticism from netizens after being posted on social media.

The two-minute video was uploaded to the Facebook page “Friends of South District” on Wednesday. It shows a group of Chinese women wearing Qipao dresses of various colours and high-heels, wandering along the beach at Repulse Bay.

YouTube video

The women broadcast Putonghua songs and marched along the beach with umbrellas, while a few posed for photos.

A group of women also held a banner with simplified Chinese words that said “Dongguang City Chang’an Town Qipao Promotion Association”.

Some netizens criticized their activity, saying they blocked the beach and swimmers were unable to go into the sea.

They said the women were inconsiderate and should not wander on the beach, as that should be for swimmers.

Some netizens complained that the visitors “occupied” the beach without a permit and their activity should be reported to the police as an unlawful assembly.

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