Jurong West Public Library, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Jurong West Public Library, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A video that captured a woman – allegedly a foreign domestic helper – slapping a girl who had run towards a bookshelf and tapping a younger girl on the shoulder has gone viral since last Thursday.

On November 2, a netizen named Marlina Yusof witnessed and filmed a suspected incident of child abuse at Jurong West Public Library, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported on Wednesday.

According to the video, a taller girl was yelling out a name happily while running towards a bookshelf where a younger girl was reading.

A woman in a red T-shirt and black cropped pants is seen striding toward the taller girl, grabbing her right wrist and hitting her forearms.

The woman was likely the maid caring for the younger girl, according to the person who took the video, who told Stomp media group that the maid ordered the taller girl not to touch the toddler.

Many netizens said that under no circumstances should an adult punish a child physically.

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