North Point, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
North Point, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 33-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was arrested on Monday in Tseung Kwan O, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, for allegedly concealing the birth of a baby girl early this month and disposing of the body.

At 7:30am, police officers arrested the maid in an apartment of a housing estate on King Ling Road on suspicion of concealing the birth of child, Sing Tao Daily reported.

Some clothes were confiscated from the apartment for investigation.

On November 5, a cleaner reported to the police that one of the squat toilets in the women’s washroom on the first floor of Java Road Market and Cooked Food Center in North Point on Hong Kong Island was blocked and had bloodstains.

Police confirmed that the blockage was caused by a placenta with a fetus attached.

After investigating video from surveillance cameras in the wet market, police officers found two women had entered the cubicle.

The baby was once reported as a boy but after further examination by the forensic pathologist, it was confirmed as a baby girl, Oriental Daily reported.

Under Hong Kong law, any person who in any manner disposes of the dead body of a child with intent to conceal the fact of its birth, whether the child died before, during or after birth, commits an offense and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for two years.

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