Po Tak Mansion in Happy Valley. Photo: Google Maps
Po Tak Mansion in Happy Valley. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino domestic worker was forced to sleep on a bed over two washing machines in a laundry room in Po Tak Mansion in Happy Valley in Hong Kong Island, according to a Facebook post.

The domestic worker said in the post that her bed was as long as a refrigerator and on top of two washing machines. She said she endured poor air quality in the laundry room when the machines were working.

domestic worker sleeps on washing machines
The domestic worker’s bed with the washing machines below. Photo: HKC@Facebook

The maid said her employers required her to return home at 7:30pm on days off to take care of their children. She also had to look after the children on holidays when her employers were out in the evening.

Worse, she said she was always emotionally abused by her employer.

“When I teach my employer’s 7-year-old child to behave and tidy up, he used the ‘F’ word and called me stupid-silly-worst helper,” she said in her post. Not surprisingly, she said she had left this employer.

Under regulations in Hong Kong, employers are required to provide a six-feet-long bed for domestic workers. However, the rules do not list more detailed requirements in regard to accommodation for workers.

Domestic workers are entitled to a 24-hour day off every week but some employers fail to meet the requirements.

The Mission For Migrant Workers (MGMW), a non-government group that services foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, has urged the city government to take action to ensure that foreign domestic workers are given proper accommodation – including a room and access to a toilet.

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