Durex China made jokes with a dozen consumer brands. Photo: iStock
Durex China made jokes with a dozen consumer brands. Photo: iStock

Condom maker to 13 brands: Thank you very much. We are talking about a Thanksgiving campaign by Durex China that went viral on Weibo for a week because of the witty words among friendly consumer brands.

In what was apparently an orchestrated advertising campaign, the famous British condom brand posted a Thanksgiving note to Wrigley, saying on its Chinese Twitter platform at 10am, “Dear Wrigley’s, thank you for always being by my side, and for providing an excuse to buy me.”

Trying to make sense of what happened, Wrigley responded in three hours, “Dear Durex, you are welcome. Just say if you want anything – I’m here. Yours, Wrigley’s Doublemint.”

The first Wrigley post alone received more than 16,000 shares, 10,400 likes and 4,200 comments. And that got netizens excited about more funny dialogue.

Next on the list was Snickers: “Thank you Snickers, thanks for supplying me with 490 calories for another match.”

Snickers promptly replied, “You are welcome. Is one bar enough?” with an accompanying visual.

By the end of the day, Durex had sent 13 Thanksgiving messages to brands including Levi’s, Ikea, Jeep, Budweiser, NASA and even Chinese rice-cooker maker Midea, to name a few, in the name of a US holiday that is not popularized in China.

This is not the first time Durex has had fun with its Weibo account for an unsolicited interaction with other brands.

Last year, Durex mocked Apple’s newly launched AirPods in an ad that displayed runaway AirPod-lookalike items trapped in Durex products with captions that read, “Don’t let me go if you love me,” according to Marketing Interactive, which covers advertising, marketing and media news in Asia.

Sex sells in China, and good humor always makes a mark among the hearts of Chinese youngsters. Whether that encourages them to buy a premium product for safe sex is perhaps another matter.