The famous online shopping websites are preparing the comming Double 11 big sales. Photo: iStock

Three suspects were sentenced by the court in Yingze District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province for manufacturing and selling scalper software, the 21st Century Business Herald reported. It was the first case in China where scalpers received jail, the report said.

Scalper software breaks into the computer information system of online shopping sites and evades security measures to achieve automatic login, order and payment. It seizes the orders of other normal users, and then resells them for profit.

It is reported that Ren and Zhang made 110,000 yuan (US$16,564) in illegal profit by using scalper software on Taobao, while Chen made a total of 6,000 yuan in profit by selling the software.

The behaviour violated the security of the computer information system, and also was in contravention of the fair market order, the report said.

At present, regulatory measures on malware and other harmful softwares are not perfect, but only by forming a multi-lateral synergistic crackdown can the country achieve positive results, the report added.