The Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island. Photo: Wikipedia
The Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island. Photo: Wikipedia

A chief monk and a nun from Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong are reported to have  traveled together to Hawaii, where they stayed in a luxury villa and acted like a couple.

According to a front-page story in free newspaper Headline Daily, an anonymous reader sent the media photos and videos showing that a chief elder, Sik Kin Chiu, 70, and a nun, Sum Wai, 54, of the Buddhist monastery traveled to Hawaii in May.

The photos and video were gathered by private investigators in the United States, the report said.

The monk and the nun reportedly stayed in a luxury villa on Mokihana Street in Honolulu for a few days. The villa is owned by Po Lin Monastery.

On May 29, the pair, wearing casual outfits with sunglasses and caps,  left the villa at 9am. Sum Wai then drove a red car to the Kahala Hotel and had a buffet lunch there with Sik Kin Chiu.

After lunch, Sum Wai was seen wearing a bikini and sunbathing on the beach while Sik Kin Chiu waited for her under a tree.

According to the precepts of Buddhism, a monk and a nun cannot swim together, cannot stay in premises on their own overnight, cannot dine together and cannot dress casually when they are out, the report said.

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