Photo: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons
Macau. Photo: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons

A 30-year-old British woman in Macau was arrested by police on November 1 for alleged arson. It is alleged that she tossed lit cigarettes, causing a fire in an underground car park in the Nam Van Lake area.

The woman is a property management officer, Hou Kong Daily reports.

At 12:05 pm on November 1, a cleaner at a carpark at Lake View Mansion, on Avenida Panorâmica do Lago Nam Van, reported to police that she had spotted a fire through a ventilation window in the building’s basement.

Police and firemen found several cigarette butts after they put out the fire.

Officers investigated surveillance camera footage and discovered that a foreign woman smoked near the ventilation window on the ground floor. Macao Daily News reports that footages showed her tossing lit cigarettes into the ventilation window.

Police arrested the woman but say she has refused to cooperate with their investigations.