Yuen Long, New Territories. Photos: Google Maps, Baike.com
Yuen Long, New Territories. Photos: Google Maps, Baike.com

A video showing a cow running along the busiest road in Yuen Long, a northwestern district in the New Territories, on Monday went viral on social media.

Wai Sang Lam uploaded a 12-second video to the Facebook page “Yuen Long” showing a cow running on Castle Peak Road during the evening rush hour, HK01.com reported.

It ran in the opposing direction on the light-rail track and along Castle Peak Road against busy traffic.

A man who witnessed the cow running on the road said motorists slowed down to avoid hitting the animal, adding that many passers-by stopped and took pictures of this rare scene.

Police received several reports of a cow wandering in front of Pok Oi Hospital before it ran to the Yuen Long section of Castle Peak Road at 6pm on Monday.

The cow was finally captured on Long Ho Road in Sheng Yau Tin Tsuen and was sent to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

In the past, local farmers used cattle and buffalo as draft animals to plow paddy fields in rural areas like Yuen Long. As rice cultivation in  Hong Kong ceased in the 1970s, the animals were no longer needed and were abandoned by farmers.

Stray cattle and buffalo in the rural areas nowadays are the offspring of those abandoned animals.

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