Crowded Traffic. Photo: iStock
Crowded Traffic. Photo: iStock

China’s national toll highways record a traffic total of 335 million users during October’s “Golden Week,” an eight-day national holiday in China aimed at boosting domestic consumption and tourism, reported, citing data released by the Ministry of Transportation.

Among all the traffic, small passenger vehicles accounted for 92.77% of the total, an 17.29% increase compared to last year’s figure, the report said.

“With the improvement of high-speed rails and expressway networks, coupled with the free passage plan of highways during the holidays, people started to travel individually while abandoning tour groups. These factors caused a upward pressure on highway traffic,” the report said.

The most congested highways are concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, the report said, while the longest road block reached 49.73 kilometers.

Southern provinces and cities also saw a higher degree of congestion compared to northern provinces, the report added.