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The copyright on music should be authorized to online providers equally, instead of exclusively, said Duan Yuping, deputy director of the Copyright Management Department at the National Copyright Administration, the People’s Daily reported.

According to Duan, the administration believes online music providers compete for the exclusive copyright and thus drive up the authorization price.

The result may have an adverse impact on the creation of local music and its circulation, as well as the healthy development of the industry.

The current model of exclusive copyright could also lead to the revival of counterfeits, the report said.

The administration has talked to online music providers, including QQ Music, NetEase Music, Alibaba Planet and Baidu Music, to urge them not to purchase exclusive music copyrights.

Some music production companies, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Hong Kong and Sony Music Entertainment were also asked not to provide exclusive copyrights, which is not in line with common practise around the world.