Catalan Raimon Castellvi, wearing a Catalan separatist flag, protests outside the European Commission in Brussels. Photo: Reuters / Francois Lenoir

Ramón Tremosa, a member of the European Parliament for the pro-independence Catalan European Democratic Party, proposes that the Catalan regional government declare independence but postpone its effective date, on the model of Slovenia.

Slovenia voted for independence from Yugoslavia in December 1990 but did not officially declare independence until June 1991 as the country broke up into national constituents. Catalan independence is “not a joke,” Tremosa told Europa Press, and the process “has reached the end of the road.”

He dismissed the 350,000-strong demonstration Sunday in Barcelona against separation from Spain as the result of “tour bus excursions to Catalonia.” Catalonia, he added, could declare independence, but “suspend its effectiveness for a period in the hope of sitting down with the Spanish government without preconditions to negotiate an agreed-upon referendum” separation.