Shenzhen city. Photo: iStock
Shenzhen city. Photo: iStock

All state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in competitive sectors in Shenzhen are set to accomplish mixed ownership reform by 2019, reported, citing a new scheme put forward by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of Shenzhen.

Liu Guohong, deputy director of the China Development Institution, said the competitive sectors include manufacturing, real estate, venture capital investment and some emerging industries.

The new scheme has stipulated a requirement that different types of SOEs should be reformed to different levels.

Those SOEs which function as policy implementers must maintain the status of being wholly stated-owned. While in SOEs which relate to people’s livelihood, national capital must remain the largest shareholder.

There are more than twenty SOEs under the Shenzhen SASAC. Most of them are in the sectors of infrastructure, utility and property.