Artificial intelligence Photo: iStock
Artificial intelligence Photo: iStock

The next major battle in the artificial intelligence sector is all about applications as industry players have spent enough money on competition hardware, reported, citing a senior executive at Qualcomm Corp.

There is not much room to upgrade hardware platforms for artificial intelligence firms, which should now spend more time on breakthroughs in applications, said Shen Jing, general manager of the China division at Qualcomm Corp.

Qualcomm previously invested in Brain Corp, which spent seven years researching human brains and created artificial intelligence softwares that can be applied to motion and navigation.

It also invested in Clarifai, a US face recognition firm, and Unisound, a Chinese voice recognition firm.

The company also invested in an Israeli firm that applied artificial intelligence technology to five agricultural farms. The technology can help in pest control and harvesting plans, the report said.

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