Sharp Island, where campers from mainland China were caught on the weekend. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Twenty campers from mainland China had to be rescued by marine police on Sunday after spending a night on Sharp Island in Sai Kung, in the New Territories, without food or drink.

Police received a report at noon that about ten people aged between 21 and 57 were stuck on Sharp Island, Oriental Daily reported.

Two groups, one made up of five men and three women from Shenzhen, plus two other women from Hubei province, went to the island on Saturday for camping.

The Shenzhen group said they knew there would be a typhoon but “did not expect the wind to be so strong”. One admitted that some of them dressed inadequately.

The group was forced to take shelter in the public toilet for the night.

Meanwhile, the women from Hubei didn’t even know there would be a typhoon.

It was only after the Observatory issued a typhoon no-8 warning on Sunday morning they learnt that the ferry service had been suspended and the shop on the island closed. They then called the police for help.

At 1pm, after the wind had weakened, a ferry took them back to Sai Kung Pier escorted by a marine police boat.

At 6pm, a third group of campers including five men and five women from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, also called police to say they were stuck on Hap Mun Bay, one of the beaches on Sharp Island, Apple Daily reported.

Police called the ferry to pick them up and they were sent to the Marine East Division Base in Sai Kung. No one was hurt.