The impacts from widespread adoption of electric cars will be significant, as people within the car industry, oil producers and governments are starting to realize. Photo: iStock

The Ministry of Information and Technology has given the go-ahead to a new batch of green energy automakers on Saturday, the Securities Times reported.

Some 1,906 vehicles, including 1,813 automobiles, 79 motorbikes and 14 tri-wheel cars from 510 automakers have passed the technical review, the report said. After integrating products of the same model, at least 1,608 of them will be allowed to enter the market.

A total number of 2,577 vehicles designed by 643 automakers participated in the assessment.

At the same time, the ministry has released the ninth batch of recommended new energy cars. Included are 235 pure electric vehicles from 91 companies, 13 plug-in hybrids produced by 11 firms as well as three fuel-cell cars from 3 manufacturers.

So far, a total number of 2,789 vehicles from 199 automakers are on the list. The Ministry has also approved the launch of ten new special purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprises.