People watch a television broadcasting news of North Korea firing a missile that flew over Japan's northern Hokkaido far out into the Pacific Ocean. Photo: Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

North Korea’s official newspaper Rodong Sinmun has warned that Japan and US military bases located in the country will be targets if a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.

Rodong noted in a Tuesday editorial that Japan had “staged” a number of military provocations in the last few days. It says they included a Patriot anti-missile battery drill in Okinawa, the official inspection of another anti-missile unit in Hokkaido and the Japanese Navy’s participation in a joint exercise with the US carrier Ronald Reagan near Okinawa.

“Should Japan (sic) take the advantages of the US war racket, they cannot but be a target of the powerful strike means of the DPRK’s revolutionary armed forces,” the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea commented.

“Japan can never be safe if a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula. Everything in Japan mobilized for the war can be destroyed to pieces, to say nothing of the US aggression bases there,” it added. “The Japanese authorities are strongly warned that if they go reckless with the backing of the US, they can bring irrevocable misfortune to the Japanese archipelago.”