UK PM Theresa May. Photo: Reuters/Phil Noble
UK PM Theresa May. Photo: Reuters/Phil Noble

Around 30 Conservative Members of Parliament are said to be discussing a formal request for Prime Minister Theresa May to resign, the Financial Times reports Thursday.

The growing calls for her to step aside come after a speech on Wednesday so embarrassing that a serving minister said it left May “terminally” damaged.

The Guardian was kind enough to survey the lashing May got from newspapers around Europe.

France’s Liberation said of the speech, it needed to be a success, “but it was a catastrophe – a long nightmare worthy of an episode of the famous series The Thick of It … that left Theresa May drained of blood, in pieces, and perhaps on the way out”.

For Le Figaro, “she arrived weak, and finished on her knees, close to tears”.

In Germany, Bild declared that “Everything went wrong for Lady Brexit”, saying May “seemed unsettled, and radiated anything but security and authority”. Handelsblatt wrote: “May coughs, the Conservatives suffer.”

Despite the growing calls for her to resign, they have yet to reach the tipping point as of now, according to the FT report:

Some ministers fear that Mrs May might conclude that she simply cannot retrieve the situation and quit voluntarily, but one said it was vital that she stayed on: “We have to back, back, back May, otherwise the whole world crumbles.”