One Leicester Condominium, Potong Pasir, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
One Leicester Condominium, Potong Pasir, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A woman from Myanmar who had worked as a domestic helper for less than a month in Singapore is believed to have jumped to her death from her employer’s 18th floor apartment in Potong Pasir.

Shin Min Daily News reported on October 13 that the woman was found lying dead on the ground outside One Leicester Condominium at 1:28pm on October 8.

The newspaper said it had learned that the deceased woman had previously expressed that she had been suffering from stress and difficulties in coping with her new role and that she had wanted to return home.

The Myanmar Times, citing an embassy official, reported that the reason for her fall was yet to be established and that police findings were pending. They are treating the tragedy as an incidence of “unnatural death.”

The maid’s passport indicated that she was 23 years old and named Ma Wain Wain Lal. However, her relatives in the Yamaethin township, in Mandalay region, have revealed that she was in fact only 16.

According to Singaporean law, foreign maids must be at least 23 years old.

Two sisters of the deceased who are also currently working as house maids in Singapore, are being assisted by a Singapore-based NGO, the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME), with regard to funeral arrangements.

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