Macau International Airport.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Macau International Airport. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 31-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was arrested by police at Macau International Airport on Monday for allegedly stealing valuables from her employer.

Today Macau reports that, on Sunday, a local woman informed the police that her maid, named Dwi, had disappeared. She had been working for the woman since June.

The woman also reported jewelry and cash worth a total of HK$69,590 (US$8,913) were missing from her home.

Police found no sign of any break-in and therefore focused their investigations on the maid.

In the early hours of Monday, officers stopped her at the airport ahead of her departure for Indonesia. She was found to be in possession of several pawn shop receipts.

The maid admitted to the police that she had pawned the valuables for HK$11,000. She had used some of the money to pay for her air-ticket and remitted the rest back home. She was arrested for aggravated theft and fraud, according to Macau Daily News.

Officers recovered some of the valuables from a pawn shop.