There are more females in Hong Kong than males, even after excluding foreign domestic helpers, who are predominantly female. Photo: Getty Images

A recent survey by the dating app esyncesync has found more female than male “predators” in Hong Kong.

Apple Daily reports that of 200 females surveyed, 23% admitted that they had had “one-night stand” encounters with strangers, while only 18% of the 130 males asked said they had.

The finding is contrary to the common perception that males are more prone to extramarital affairs and comes against the backdrop of a rising divorce rate in the city: statistically, slightly more than three in every 1,000 adults Hongkongers was divorced in 2013, three times the figure back in 1991, according to the Census and Statistics Department.

The survey organizer said the percentage of Hong Kong females having casual sexual relationships was significantly higher than in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, where similar surveys have also been conducted.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong bachelors prefer to stay celibate as they say they are looking for a relationship, and only a minority of married men are seeking sexual partners out of wedlock.

Esyncesync’s Hong Kong manager said, however, that Hongkongers of both sexes – including those in wedlock or stable relationships – are increasingly looking for a second partner via dating and matching apps, with some stating beforehand their marital status and that they are just seeking some fun.

As to the reasons given for desiring one-night-stand affairs or multiple sexual partners, common reasons cited included “curiosity” and “seeking new excitement,” with many stressing that even if they are having sexual intercourse out of wedlock it does not mean they do not love their spouse or partner.

Photo: GovHK

Certainly, the majority of dating app users say they are serious about finding a life partner. Many have jobs where they have to work long hours and find it difficult to meet people of the opposite sex.

Most paying users of such apps in Hong Kong are women in their 30s, which is in line with the city’s gender imbalance, with unmarried females in the age group 20-49 outnumbering their male counterparts by some 150,000, according to the government’s 2017 population by-census. This excludes foreign domestic helpers, who are also predominantly female.

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