Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

A 30-year-old domestic worker from the Philippines has admitting to stealing from her employer in Macau.

As reported by Jornal San Wa Ou, police received a report from an employer on September 28 accusing her domestic helper of stealing valuables and household items at a flat on Avenida do Doutor Rodrigo Rodrigues.

It is understood that the employer had noticed items including daily necessities, food, furniture, a wallet and unused baby clothes were going missing.

The employer was later informed by a security guard in her building that some food and clothes had been found on staircases. She confirmed that the items placed there were the ones she had lost.

Police arrested the maid on the scene, Journal Va Kio reports.

Under interrogation, she admitted that she had stolen valuables from her employer on several occasions, hiding them on the stairs before sending them to friends or back home to the Philippines.

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