Carissa Park on Flora Drive in Tampines, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Carissa Park on Flora Drive in Tampines, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian domestic worker was seriously injured after she slipped and fell from the seventh floor of a residential building where she was cleaning a window.

At noon on Tuesday, the maid, a woman in her 20s who started working in Singapore a month ago and had no friends there yet, was standing on a chair and cleaning a window with a towel in an apartment in Carissa Park on Flora Drive in Tampines, Lianhe Zaobao reported.

Suddenly, she fell from the seventh-floor apartment and plunged on to a terrace on the first floor of the building. Her employer’s elderly mother, who was in the apartment at the time, was unaware of the accident until the police came.

The domestic worker, who suffered injuries to her back and head, was sent to Changi General Hospital.

Her employer was sorry about the accident but said it was fortunate that the woman had survived the fall and was recovering, Shin Min Daily News reported. The employer said the worker had even apologized for the incident, which was not necessary at all.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore, when a domestic worker is cleaning a window in a high-rise building, she should be accompanied by an adult, and should avoid standing on a chair or any object with wheels.

In Hong Kong, a domestic worker is only allowed to clean windows with one arm outside, rather than all or part of her body.

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