The Eastern Magistrates' Court. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The Eastern Magistrates' Court. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 29-year-old mother facing a child abuse charge was released by the Eastern Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after her son recanted a prior statement in the court.

The mother, Joys Chong, was accused of hitting and kicking her four-year-old son in a flat on Kennedy Road in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island on March 8 in 2016, Apple Daily reported.

A Filipino domestic worker who lived with them reported the case to the police.

The mother admitted to police that she had hit her son, but said it had been an accident and denied child abuse. The boy was sent to a hospital with scratches on his head and discharged on the same day.

The boy told police six days after the incident that his mother hit his head with a plastic plate and kicked his forehead and abdomen because she was angry that he didn’t wake her up on time.

The boy, now five, testified by TV on Tuesday that his grandmother taught him to tell the police that his mother had hit him, which recanted his prior statement, Headline Daily reported.

When the prosecutor showed a photo of a bandage on an injury on his left eyebrow, the boy said the wound was caused by him rubbing his eye.

He also agreed that his mother only hit him by accident when she got out cooking utensils, adding that he loves his mother very much.

The prosecution agreed to offer no evidence on the charge while deputy magistrate Arthur Law told the woman that taking care of children required patience and advised her to learn how to be a mother, Sing Pao reported.

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