An exhibit booth for firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson is seen on display at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago. File Photo: Reuters/Jim Young

As Americans struggled earlier this week to make sense of the country’s largest mass shooting in history, China’s Global Times published an editorial favoring gun control that went little-noticed in the US media.

The October 3 Op-Ed, “US mass shootings reveal vicious cycle,” noted the FBI is yet to uncover any terrorism links in Monday’s Las Vegas attack, despite reports that ISIS has claimed responsibility. “Regardless or not of any connection to terrorism, the tragic event has shocked the US and the world over,” the Global Times said.

“Every time a tragedy like this happens, it exposes a fundamental flaw that continues to plague the country’s government. Just like the previous mass shootings, public response in the wake of the aftermath will follow the same narrative,” the state-run news outlet went on to say. “US politicians will deliver emotional and heartfelt speeches condemning the tragedy, and public opinion will call for tighter gun control laws. However, as time passes, US society will continue to stumble along doing anything it can to avoid addressing the issue of gun control, which continues to be one of its most serious problems ever.”

“With powerful forces against gun control, including lobbyist groups and deep-rooted tradition, improving America’s gun laws would be just as impossible as prohibiting alcohol in Russia,” the editorial concluded.

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