Car manufacturing Photo:
Car manufacturing Photo:

Beijing Chehejia Technology Ltd Co, a Chinese electric vehicle startup, plans to boost its manufacturing capacity in order to sell one million electric cars annually by 2022.

Chehejia, which literally means “car and home,” will sell 600,000 super-efficient vehicles (SEV), 400,000 sport utility vehicles (SUV) and other vehicles, the company’s founder and chief executive, Li Xiang, said in an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald.

The company will not launch a lot of models but concentrate instead on a few products, Li said. In 2018, it will launch two models that can run up to 30 kilometers and 100 kilometers, respectively.

Li, dubbed as “China’s Elon Musk,” said there is a lot of room for China’s electric car market to develop, especially smart cars that can provide a better user experience.

He said his electric cars will use a battery that can be replaced at any time, providing higher efficiency in terms of charging.