In Shandong, a man fell unconscious during a wedding prank. Photo: Weibo

A man suffered a concussion after his head hit the floor during a wedding prank in Dongying in eastern China’s Shandong province on Sunday.

On the sidelines of the wedding banquet, the bridegroom’s best man volunteered to accept a challenge planned by a group of friends, Xinhua reported in a post on Weibo.

According to a video clip posted on Weibo, the best man was held by about six men and shifted up and down violently. When the back of his head hit the floor, he fell unconscious, and was subsequently sent to hospital.

A spokesman for the local government in Dongying told Xinhua that the victim’s concussion was not life-threatening.

This kind of prank is popular as a wedding game in many Chinese cities, with the player being thrown up and usually falling on to a mattress. It is aimed at amusing the wedding guests.

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