Chow Sang Sang jewelry store, where the heist occurred, and Tsim Sha Tsui police, inset. Photo: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons

The diamond ring found by a woman in Kowloon Park was one of nine pieces of jewelry stolen in a smash-and-grab heist in Tsim Sha Tsui on Tuesday.

The woman surnamed Wong, a cleaner aged about 40, said she walked past the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre in Kowloon Park during lunchtime and found a shining diamond on a path, Apple Daily reported.

Wong picked up the ring and thought it was a fake – so she put it on her hand and went back to the office.

However, she learnt from news reports that there had been a robbery at the Chow Sang Sang jewelry shop on Canton Road, which was only 150 meters away from where she found the ring.

Wong then took out the ring and noticed “Chow Sang Sang” and “5.01ct.” (carat) engraved on it.

That convinced her to report her discovery to Tsim Sha Tsui Police at 3pm, and the ring has been kept at the police station.

Wong said although the ring was very beautiful, people should not be greedy. She thought it was a normal reaction to report it to the police and said her find was nothing worth reporting.

Later, staff from the shop examined the ring and Lau Hak-bun, director of sales for Chow Sang Sang Group, said they believed it was one of the nine pieces of jewelry snatched in the heist.

Lau welcomed Wong’s good-heartedness and honesty, and said the firm would send out souvenirs for commendation.

Meanwhile, two sledgehammers believed to have been used to smash the display window during the robbery were found in bushes in the park around noon on Wednesday, Sing Tao Daily reported.

Police are still hunting for the three robbers, who fled on a motorcycle.

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