Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Mattes
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Mattes

A video posted on Facebook that appeared to show a domestic worker drinking her employer’s baby’s milk while feeding went viral recently, before being deleted.

As reported by Oriental Daily, a user named Siucat posted a 40-second piece of surveillance camera footage on Facebook, and on the discussion forum Baby Kingdom, that showed a domestic worker drinking the milk herself before feeding the baby,

Siucat’s post said the maid drank all the milk in the bottle, then later pretended the baby had finished it, adding that employers should be extra cautions about what happens when they are not at home.

A date on the video clip showed that it was taken on April 15, 2017. It went viral on social media, with many users slamming the domestic worker and voicing concern for the baby.

However, other netizens pointed out that the video clip had been edited. The time code on the video stops for four seconds at the moment when the domestic worker is seen drinking the milk, which makes the duration of her “drinking” seem longer.

Some users then criticized the uploader, questioning her motives. Others said it was likely that the woman was simply testing the temperature of the milk before feeding. One commenter said, however, that it did not matter how little or how much milk the maid had drunk: for reasons of hygiene, she should not do so at all.

The video was later deleted and the profile name of the uploader on Facebook was changed.