Two men from Hunan province were arrested after slashing a man's pants and wallet (inset) before being arrested by an undercover cop. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, HK Police

Two men from mainland China were jailed for two years and three months by a District Court on Thursday after being convicted of stealing.

The court heard that the two defendants, He Dingguo and Cao Zhigao, both aged 43 and from Hunan province in China, boarded the No.268X KMB bus in Tai Kwok Tsui in Kowloon on March 14 this year, HK01. com reported.

They used a blade to slash open a passenger’s pants and wallet and wanted to steal HK$7,130 (US$913) cash in it.

But the whole process had been monitored by an undercover officer who had followed them because they looked suspicious, Apple Daily reported.

Both men were arrested on spot. Five blades wrapped with Renminbi notes were found on He.

The two men were sentenced to 15 months for theft, and aggravating factors such as the fact they were well prepared to commit crime in Hong Kong, the court added a further 12 months to their jail terms.