US President Donald Trump waves to the crowd during a rally in Ohio. Photo: Reuters/John Sommers

Trump is creating “the Republican Workers Party,” says Trumpista Francis Buckley in the New York Post today:

Before the 2016 election, Paul Ryan said he wouldn’t defend Donald Trump. Now Ryan is surprised Trump doesn’t support him? Welcome to American politics 2017. Trump won the GOP nomination by running against Ryan and the Republican Party. So when Trump cut a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi last week, the only question was: What took so long?

Trump’s budget deal with the Democrats wrong-footed the Republican Leadership, while pro-Trump PACs prepare primary challenges to the Republican Establishment for the 2018 Congressional elections. Remember, folks, you read in Asia Times first: Spengler (a/k/a David P. Goldman) wrote on August 18 under the headline “The bloody shirt of Charlottesville and its unintended consequences:” “Trump’s populism will split both the Republican and Democratic parties, with consequences we can barely begin to imagine.”

The result is an emerging reconfiguration of American politics, uniting the working-class, evangelical, and economist nationalist base of the Republican Party with traditionally Democratic economic constituencies who favor protectionism and immigration restriction.