Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Minghong
Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Minghong

Domestic workers earn more on Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island than in other parts of the city, with employers there willing to offer 20% above the minimum wage.

A survey conducted by an online employment platform showed the best offer in the city was a HK$10,000 (US$1,281) placement from an employer in Happy Valley, on HK Island.

HelperChoice, an online platform that matches employers with domestic workers at no cost to helpers, analyzed data from about 3,000 recent job ads posted by users.

Employers in Sheung Wan, on Hong Kong Island, offer an average of HK$5,195, while the next best area is Lantau Island, where maids can get HK$5,185 on average.

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The mean salary offered to helpers is HK$4,545, 5.4% more than the current minimum wage for domestic workers of HK$4,310, the data showed.

Meanwhile, the lowest average salaries are in the North District of the New Territories, where the average rate is H$4,371, just 1.4% more than the minimum wage.

However, the lowest salary on offer – HK$4,315, only HK$5 more than the minimum wage – was in Siu Sai Wan, in the northeastern part of Hong Kong Island. This was followed by Diamond Hill (HK$4,343) in Kowloon and Shau Kei Wan (HK$4,337) on Hong Kong Island.

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The survey also found that employers offering higher salaries demanded more working experience.

If a worker has three and a half years of experience, they may earn H$4,700 on average.

Meanwhile, the number of children needing to be taken care of, the types of household chores, and duties involved in caring for the elderly were also factors in determining salaries.

Hong Kong government will announce a review of the minimum wage for domestic workers at the end of September.

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