Representational image: News18
Representational image: News18

The Indian Supreme Court on Tuesday modified its order of November last year that suspended all licenses for the sale of firecrackers within the Delhi- National Capital Region (NCR), PTI reported.

The apex court said that for the time being the suspension of permanent licenses was being lifted and that the matter may need to be reviewed after Diwali air pollution is assessed.

The bench noted that enough firecrackers were already available in the Delhi-NCR and that dealers should exhaust their existing supplies first.

The court said, “There can be no doubt that the residents of the NCT of Delhi and indeed the entire NCR are entitled to breathe unpolluted air. They are entitled to the protection of their health from the adverse consequences of breathing in air polluted by the bursting of fireworks.”

The court also urged the Delhi government and other authorities to consider encouraging community fireworks displays to reduce the number of individuals using them, the report said.

The court has also appointed a committee to conduct study on the imact of festival fireworks on public health.