Premier Li Keqiang at the opening plenary of Summer Davos in Dalian. Photo: World Economic Forum/Benedikt von Loebell via Flickr

China’s State Council announced a new guideline with an aim to boost consumption within the country, by increasing products and service quality, according to

The guideline, signed by 40 departments, aims to follow supply side reforms and also to “raise quality standards of products and services” by pushing enforcing standards “for products made from low productivity,” a spokesperson from the State Council said.

It also strives to “push toward medium to high productivity” with the aim of “boosting the economy towards medium to high productivity.”

The “process” is aimed at “products, processes and services” of the different manufacturing lines and consumer fronts. This will include primarily eight sectors, such as agricultural products, medical products, food products, consumer goods, the service industry and public service.

The spokesperson also added that that an important part of the increased quality control is through targeting fake goods, in order to maintain a “high pressure environment” to crack down on fake goods practices, according to the report.