Photo: Reuters/Thomas White
Photo: Reuters/Thomas White

The amount of private equity funds in China increased by 260 billion yuan (US$39.55 billion) in August, reaching a total amount of 10.21 trillion yuan — breaking the 10 trillion yuan barrier for the first time, reported.

According to the Asset Management Association of China, by the end of August there were 20,652 private equity fund management firms on record, along with 60,688 private equity funds.

Among them, there were 169 over-ten-billion-yuan fund managers, accounting for 0.8% of market players, running one fifth of the total assets in the industry.

As for securities-type private equity funds, there were 26 over-ten-billion-yuan fund managers.

Though that number accounted for only 0.33% securities-type private equity fund managers, they manage 22.08% of the total assets, amounting to 503.5 billion yuan.