Representational image: The Indian Express
Representational image: The Indian Express

A 22-year-old Nagpur woman was raped and murdered on Monday, allegedly by two friends, according to media reports. The police said they packed the body in a suitcase and dumped it near Belgaum, Karnataka.

The victim, the daughter of an assistant police inspector with the Nagpur Police who was working for an IT firm in Mumbai, agreed to meet one of the suspects, Nikhilesh Patil, 24, on Sunday in Pune, said police.

Nikhilesh and the other suspect, Akshay Valode, 25, met the victim in Pune along with their friend Nilesh Khobragade and offered to give her a ride to Mumbai.

However, they stopped at Ashkay’s Ambernath residence on the outskirts of Mumbai, The  Indian Express reported, where Nikhilesh and Akshay took turns raping the woman after Nilesh left.

When she threatened to lodge a police complaint, the duo strangled her  and stuffed her body in a suitcase. When Nilesh returned, his friends allegedly insisted on leaving for Goa. On the way, they dumped the suitcase at a secluded place near Belgaum and confessed their crime to Nilesh.

Both suspects surrendered at Ratnagiri police station and confessed to the crime.