A woman looking at a yuan note Photo: Reuters

Professionals in the securities and investment sectors in Shenzhen are taking home the biggest wage packets in the city with an average of 61,437 yuan (US$9,348) salary per month, the 21st Century Business Herald reported, citing a market wage guide released by the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

The wage guide, which includes the highest, median, lowest and average value of the market, is to “guide the rational flow of human resources.” Shenzhen has been issuing the market wage guide since 1999, a Xinhua report added.

The top three industries to receive the most monthly wage are the financial industry, information transmission industry and the software and information technology services, receiving 47,360 yuan, 42,388 yuan and 37,227 yuan per month respectively.

Accommodation and catering, manufacturing and residential services, repair and other services are among the lowest on this list, receiving 2,595 yuan, 2,690 yuan, and 2,837 yuan per month respectively, the report said.