Riverside Point, Sengkang, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Riverside Point, Sengkang, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Singaporean man has threatened to report to a consumer-protection agency a currency-exchange company that he says shortchanged his domestic worker during a transaction involving Vietnamese money.

The man, a 41-year-old technician who had recently visited Vietnam and returned home with 4.21 million Vietnamese dong, asked his maid to exchange the money for Singapore dollars on September 9, Shin Min Daily News reported this weekend.

The maid visited a moneychanger in Riverside Point, a shopping mall in the Sengkang area, on instructions from her employer. She received S$168 (US$125) in exchange for the Vietnamese currency.

The maid’s employer said he did not realize until two days later that the moneychanger had used a substandard conversion rate of S$4 per 100,000 dong. After the man complained, the moneychanger eventually agreed to apply the more reasonable exchange rate of S$5.50 per 100,000 dong.

As a result, the customer ended up with S$231, or S$63 more than his  maid had received from the moneychanger.

The maid’s boss said this was not the first time this particular moneychanger had applied unusually poor exchange rates when dealing with domestic workers. A few months ago, an exchange involving Indonesian rupiah netted considerably less than other changers were offering.

The man warned the shop not to target vulnerable domestic workers again, or he would file a complaint to the Consumers Association of Singapore, a non-governmental organization.