Photos: Google Maps, Wikipedia
Photos: Google Maps, Wikipedia

A 17-year-old male was arrested for indecently exposing himself in public on Thursday night in Siu Sai Wan on Hong Kong Island. At 9pm on Wednesday, a 27-year-old woman walked past Hiu Tsui Street and saw a naked youth, wearing only a mask, wandering around, Oriental Daily reported.

The woman called the police, but the youth had vanished by the time they arrived. They hunted for a male reported as 160 centimeters tall, thin with dark skin, who was wearing a mask when he committed the offense.

At 7pm on Thursday, police officers intercepted a young man bearing the name Singh who was wandering in a staircase at Hiu Tsui Court in Siu Sai Wan, and detained him for suspected loitering.

Police said they later found some clothes and a white ghost face mask in his home, adding that they suspected the teenager in three other similar cases in the district.

Police will further investigate the man’s background as he did not provide any identity documents.