Haizhu district in Guangzhou, China.
Photo: Baidu Maps
Haizhu district in Guangzhou, China. Photo: Baidu Maps

A mainland man has been praised after he returned HK$320,000 in cash left by a Hong Kong woman in a carpark in Guangzhou.

The man surnamed Wang, who is a restaurant owner, found a bag of cash – $170,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$21,758) and 130,000 Chinese Yuan (US$19,862) – behind his car in a carpark on Shi Liu Gang Lu in Haizhu district in Guangzhou on Monday, Headline Daily reported.

Wang initially thought it was a scam, but he later worried that the owner might need the money for some emergency.

He took photos and video of the banknotes before reporting the case to police and sending the information to media outlets, hoping they could help locate find the owner.

Meanwhile, the forgetful Hong Kong woman surnamed Tse, said she visited relatives in Guangzhou on Monday.

At 3pm, Tse was carrying five bags and two suitcases when she went to the carpark as her friend gave her a ride back to Shenzhen.

Tse said she tied her shoelaces in front of Wang’s car and was unaware she had left the bags with cash and moon cakes on the floor. The cash was money relatives had repaid to her after she helped them shop while in Hong Kong, Oriental Daily reported.

Tse got into her friend’s car and didn’t know she had left the money until she arrived at a bank in Shenzhen.

When Tse read the news online, she immediately went to the police station to pick up her money. She thanked Wang for his good deed.