A farm in front of a construction site of new residential buildings in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters/Aly Song

Three trial reforms for land use in rural areas which were scheduled to be completed by 2017, will be extended to the end of 2018, the 21st Century Business Herald reported.

The trial reforms cover the land requisition system, rural homestead system and the effort to introduce rural collective construction land into the market. The trials were launched in 33 cities across China.

A land expert said it was pushed back because the Ministry of Land is still trying to get through the three reforms.

So far, land requisition reform has narrowed down the range of lands for expropriation, regulated the requisition procedures and improved protection mechanisms for farmers who own the expropriated land.

Meanwhile, a system to introduce rural collective construction lands into the market has also been set up, and current procedures to get approval for building houses on rural homesteads has been simplified.