Bryant Lu. Photo: Youtube
Bryant Lu. Photo: Youtube

Second-generation kids of wealthy Hong Kong families have been making headlines again, for all the wrong reasons.

Several short and sexy video clips of Bryant Lu, a son-in-law of the Sun Hung Kai Properties’ Kwok family, circulated this week and gave a glimpse of embarrassments that two well-known families are enduring.

In a selfie video, Lu told the clip receiver in both English and Mandarin how much he loved his “baby”, saying “I would marry you”, “I love you” and “You are my number one.”

The 43-year-old was seen lying half-naked in bed, then dancing and running around a camera that he constantly kissed.

They could be sweet acts, except the video was not for his wife Noelle Kwok, daughter of Sun Hung Kai Properties’ former vice chairman Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong, who was jailed after a high-profile corruption scandal with former Chief Secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan.

The video went viral, as they say, and Lu had to call a meeting at his family’s architectural firm at 7pm yesterday to explain the hot clip.

Lu said he was threatened and defrauded by a lady he knew last year via Facebook. He reported the case to police yesterday.

Curiously, he said he had never met the lady in real life (despite saying otherwise in the video).

Lu and Kwok were married in 2006 after the couple knew each other from childhood and dated in college days in the US. Their wedding at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre was the party of that year with many political and financial heavyweights showing up.

Lu, the great-grandson of philanthropist Lui Ming-choi, is an architect at his father’s firm Ronald Lu & Partners, a top local outfit.

Both Lu and Kwok issued a statement confirming that they had filed for divorce last year, in a mutual agreement.

Lu apologized for disturbing his family and relatives.

The incident will surely have an impact on Lu, and the Lu and Kwok families. Hong Kong police are investigating the case, but it is not appropriate to speculate on who the victim of this saga is.

And it will continue to be a hot topic of gossip for days, if not longer.