Causeway Square in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island, where the foreign woman was accused of doing illegal part-time work. Photo: Google Maps

Immigration officials arrested a domestic worker at Causeway Square on Hong Kong Island for alleged illegal work on Sunday.

The domestic worker, whose origin was not disclosed, was arrested for breaching her condition of stay – allegedly doing a part-time job at the shopping mall in Causeway Bay, Oriental Daily reported.

The case is still being investigated, an official said, adding that two other domestic workers were arrested previously. They were convicted and sentenced to three months jail.

Meanwhile, the officials said they would look into a media report that some domestic workers were doing part-time work as salespeople in Causeway Square and the Tung Yik Building in Yuen Long in the New Territories.

Several suspected domestic workers were found working as cashiers and salespeople at a supermarket selling Indonesian and Filipino foods in the Yuen Long shopping mall, the report said.

Others were found selling food from their home country and clothes in the Causeway Bay mall.

Ms Chan, an employer, told reporters that some workers had rented a shop together to run their own business.

A reporter had followed two salespeople in each of shopping mall and found that they worked as maids on weekdays.

A total of 180 domestic workers were arrested for illegal work in 2015 and the figure rose to 190 in 2016.

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