Dad Where Are We Going, a famous TV program, has recently been banned in China. Photo: Youtube

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China has taken down 125 online shows which violate publishing regulations, and has ordered 30 shows to rewrite, said Luo Jianhui, director of the Internet Bureau at the administration on Monday.

The publishing watchdog and four other ministries have recently released a document titled Notice on Several Policies to Support the Prosperity and Development of TV shows, according to a Caixin report.

The notice has reaffirmed that local publishing regulators should implement the same management standards on TV series and network dramas. Online shows without licences issued by the administration are banned from broadcasting and major online drama creation must be reported for the record.

Also, broadcasting agencies are forbidden to purchase shows at a high price just because of star casts and high ratings, to help curb problems such as overpaying stars and ratings fraud.

Instead, the new rule bolsters support for dramas with themes that glorify the Communist Party of China, the nation, the people and heroes. The administration will also support themes concerning revolution and history, as well as realistic and rural dramas.