Block 447, Hougang Avenue 10, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Block 447, Hougang Avenue 10, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 41-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of criminal intimidation after scolding her domestic helper and allegedly threatening her husband with a pair of scissors after he allowed the maid to use the same toothpaste the couple used.

At about 8:50am on Monday, Yu Hong-hong, a Chinese national who had obtained Singapore citizenship and was living in the city-state with her husband, their children and the domestic helper, was taken away by police from a residential unit in the Hougang area, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Yu became furious after overhearing her husband grant permission to the maid – a Myanmar national according the The Straits Times – to use the toothpaste.

She allegedly scolded the maid severely and slapped her, then blasted her husband, who was half-awake in bed, on the grounds that the servant should not allowed to share the family’s tube of toothpaste.

During the heated dispute, the infuriated wife allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and pointed them at her husband. The man pushed her away and seized the scissors, while the wife called for police assistance.

Officers arrived at the scene and, after a preliminary investigation, arrested Yu for alleged criminal intimidation.

Neighbors told Shin Min that the family had moved into the apartment  last year and the wife began scolding the maid frequently as soon as her employment began. Prior to the maid’s arrival, Yu had been heard shouting at her husband twice a week.

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