New high-rise apartment in Guangzhou, China. Photo: iStock
New high-rise apartment in Guangzhou, China. Photo: iStock

More than 100 cities in China have introduced curbs on property speculation since the crackdown was launched on the housing market a year ago September 30, according to a report by Securities Daily.

The number of cities and measures introduced are set to increase in the coming months, as China seeks to cool its red-hot housing market, according to analysts interviewed by Securities Times.

Some 44 cities have already issued curbs on buying for new homes, according to the report. This would typically include restrictions on buying a second property.

“On the whole, the limiting of purchases and limiting of sales as a cooling measure seems to have been the initial phase … and over the next six months or one year, the focus will be on capital and mortgages,” said Lai Qin, an analyst from the Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute.

Lai also said that existing curbs on property are likely to remain, with more tightening in the housing sector to come.

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