A viral video shows two men falling into a deep gorge in Amboli Ghat in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Photo: YouTube

In a horrifying video that has gone viral, two intoxicated young men are shown plunging to their deaths on August 1 at a waterfall in Amboli Ghat, Maharashtra, according to media reports.

Senior Police Inspector Sunil Dhanawade said, “Imran Garadi, 26, and Pratap Rathod, 21, who were part of a group of seven, fell into the valley. Their bodies are yet to be recovered.”

PTI reported that the young men were part of a group of poultry farm workers from Kolhapur. They were filmed by a member of the group climbing over the safety barrier, standing on the edge and talking when one of them suddenly loses his footing and grabs the other. However, when their friends approached the police, they reportedly said that the two had gone missing. The police were later told about the tragedy by local residents and conducted a search with the help of a trekking group.