Ma Wo in Tai Po, New Territories. Photos: Google Maps, HK Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

As unusually hot summer weather in Hong Kong brings snakes out of their normal habitats to cool off and search for food, a 3-meter-long python was found to have swallowed a live chicken in Tai Po in the New Territories on Sunday.

At 10am, an 81-year-old man surnamed Lee, who lives alone in a squatter settlement in Ma Wo in Tai Po, found the female python in a corner of his garden, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The 30-kilogram reptile, its belly bulging, moved slowly in the garden.

Lee then discovered that one of the three chickens he was breeding had disappeared, as he found nothing but its feathers left on the floor. He suspected that the python had eaten it, so he called the police.

Police officers arrived along with an expert snake catcher. When an officer waved a stick to make the snake move, it suddenly regurgitated the chicken.

The snake expert put the python into a bag and took it away. It may later be released into the countryside, Apple Daily reported.

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