Source: alper boler/Youtube screen grab
Source: alper boler/Youtube screen grab

The Russian Navy has been operating an advanced spy ship that’s suspected of tapping into undersea internet cables and carrying out other intelligence missions on the ocean floor, according to an updated story by Covert Shores, a specialist website dedicated to analysis of maritime special forces and submarines.

The vessel, named the Yantar, is alleged to be operating under the cover of being a host ship for Russian mini-submarines. Covert Shores says the ship is overseen by Russia’s secretive Main Directorate of Underwater Research (GUGI) which operates many of the country’s special mission subs.

“(Yantar) can host two deep submergence submarines for undersea engineering missions,” writes H I Sutton, the author of the Covert Shores article. “These missions are thought to include cable cutting, laying of taps on undersea cables, removing other countries’ taps (‘delousing’) and related intelligence missions. She may also perform other special missions such as recovery of sensitive equipment from crashed aircraft or test missiles.”

The military website says the Yantar has been observed loitering off the US coast, Cuba, Turkey, Northern Cyprus and other spots where there are important undersea cable connections.

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