Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Reuters/Olga Maltseva

A new policy document signed by President Vladimir Putin on July 20 says Russia will strengthen its Northern Fleet, the most powerful of the country’s five fleets, against possible threats from the US and its allies, according to a story in The Independent Barents Observer.

The Norway-based online newspaper says Moscow will continue to invest in military facilities along its Northern Sea Route to protect its oil and gas reserves against possible Western encroachment.

The policy document, entitled “Principles of the Russian Federation’s State Policy in the Field of Naval Activity”, lays out the country’s naval strategy through 2030.

As part of its general naval buildup, the Observer says, the Russian Navy intends to sustain and develop its existing strategic submarine fleet, while developing new types of underwater defense systems. These are said to include “new generation deep-water capacities” and robotized submarine devices. A new aircraft carrier complex is also planned and new hypersonic missiles are expected to be deployed by 2025.